Tip: Different rods, length, weight, composition.......


Different rods, length, weight, composition will all effect how a flasher and therefore spinners move in the water. 

I prefer a long rod, 10.5 ft, fairly stiff, like a North River, Cousins, or Okuma SST 15-50.

The angle of the rod in the rod holder from straight back to a 90 degree angle from the stern of the boat will effect the action of the Pro Troll.  The other day I was at a 45 degree angle and did not get bit, I switched to a 90 degree angle and noticed much more action, movement, on the rod.  About 15 minutes later caught a nice 15 pound Chinook. 

The other variable to experiment with is weight of the dropper.  One day we had great success on 12 oz droppers, the next no action, until we switched to 16 oz droppers.  The difference in weight changes the angle back to the pro troll, and again can effect the action of the flasher and spinner.

Angle, dropper weight, and speed will all effect the action imparted on the pro troll and spinner, if what you are doing is not working, I would not be afraid to change the variables until you find a good combination of all three.


News: ODFW’s new electronic licensing system (ELS)

News: ODFW’s new electronic licensing system (ELS)

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