Passion on the Water! Great trip on the Columbia, in Oct 2017. Check out our fishing blog Video by our talented friends @ Revery. Please visit them at

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Team Schwab, Easter Morning Springer on the Columbia.  

Crossing the Columbia Bar on FishnSleep Weldcraft! #FishnSleep #Weldcraft #Crossing ColumbiaBar


First Springer 2018, Jeff and Inna Schwab (Team Schwab) Willamette River

Awesome spring chinook fishing in 2017 on the Columbia & Willamette River. Fishing with David Pyle.

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A discussion of important technical tips for Spring Chinook Salmon Fishing in Portland, Oregon. 1/28/2018. Fishing with David Pyle

Featuring the FishnSleep "Flasher Rack"

Glen Harrison hosted a fishing trip on Hagg Lake in Forest Grove, Oregon. We targeted trout with a variety of gear and came home with our limit of 10 fish. Fishing with David Pyle. #FishingWithDavidPyle #FishnSleep

2014 Ocean Coho season. Didn't even notice the second fish till it jumped.

#OceanCoho #FishnSleep

Fishing for white sturgeon on the Willamette river in Portland, Oregon. This video show how we hook up bait to catch multiple sturgeon. Great for beginners and experienced fishermen.    #FishingWithDavidPyle #FishnSleep

Salmon Fishing at the CR Buoy.

Oregon Coast Salmon fishing at the CR (Columbia River) Buoy outside of Astoria, Oregon. Used combinations of Pro-Troll / Shortbus, Triangle, and No flashers with divers and lead. WATCH the end of the video for a description of the gear we used, depth, location, bait, leader length, and flashers.   #FishingWithDavidPyle #FishnSleep

Salmon Fishing at Buoy 10

We finally spent a day fishing Buoy 10 for Chinook and Coho Salmon. Watch the end of the video for a summary of how we caught Chinook and Coho in Astoria, Oregon.  #FishingWithDavidPyle #FishnSleep

Salmon Fishing CR Buoy

6-27-2015 CR Buoy Salmon fishing. For the first fish Glen had his rod out 6' waiting for me to get ready. I didn't even have the kicker in gear. Limited in 25 minutes.  #FishnSleep

Tillamook Bay Drone Video

Video was taken with Autel X-Star Premium drone.

Sea Bass Tillamook Oregon

Stray Dog Lost at Boat

Bottom fishing and Crabbing on the Oregon Coast. Fishing with David Pyle on Glen Harrison's boat September 15, 2016. We picked up a limit of crab and sea bass. #FishingWithDavidPyle #FishnSleep

Uploaded by Jeff Schwab on 2014-05-14.

Willamette River Spring Chinook Salmon fishing near Ross island in Portland, Oregon. We landed three nice bright fish on May 6, 2017 with cut-plug herring. Watch the video and see how we caught the fish with our technical description at the end. I ran into a couple of FishingWithDavidPyle Subscribers and put them in the video too.  #FishingWithDavidPyle #FishnSleep

Fishing Ocean near Columbia River Bar with Glen Harrison. Coho and Chinook!!!

On Glen Harrison's boat, we landed a 37 lb. Chinook. This was a team effort. Credit goes to Jeff, Sergey, and Glen who chased the fish and save us from getting spooled. Fish fought by David Pyle July 31, 2015.  #FishingWithDavidPyle #FishnSleep