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Protect your flasher investment with one of my  "Flasher Racks"  - Only available from FishnSleep!

The "Flasher Rack" storage system was designed for my storage needs, and now I am offering this in limited quantity to others with the same storage challenges.

Another great trip on the Columbia, in Oct 2017. Check out our fishing blog Video by our talented friends @ Revery. Please visit them at

Who is FishnSleep?

I have been fishing since I was a young boy.  Started fishing on the east coast in the Cape Cod area.  My father would pick me up at  school early if the tides were right  for fishing bluefish and striped bass from the beaches.  Spent about five years fishing and living in Madison Wisconsin, great small mouth bass fishing as well as some walleye, pike, musky etc.  Moved to Portland Oregon 20+ years ago and continued my pursuit of fish.  In the river and in the ocean.    

In the beginning years it was more fishing and less catching.  In the past several years I have been very fortunate to have a much improved catch rate.  This is due to persistence, research and information from friends and fellow fishermen. 

I spend most of my fishing time with a small group of dedicated fishing friends. We share information and techniques. I am not a guide, I do this for my recreation. When space allows we bring along other friends, some of my greatest joy is watching someone else have that first big catch and see the thrill in their eyes. 

"Making each fishing day great comes from the fishing community, shared knowledge, and careful planning. "