News: Recreational sturgeon anglers get another retention day Oct. 28

ODFW News Release:

Recreational sturgeon anglers will get an additional day of retention fishing Saturday, Oct. 28 in the Columbia River from Wauna to Bonneville Dam under rules adopted today by fish and wildlife departments from Oregon and Washington.

The extra fishing day was approved after staff reviewed harvest data that showed 4,700 anglers harvested fewer than 200 legal-sized sturgeon during the first sturgeon retention day on Oct. 21. Biologists attributed the poor harvest rate to heavy rain and wind, which made fishing difficult.

Once again, the open area is on the mainstem Columbia from the Wauna power lines, located approximately 40 miles from the river mouth, upstream to the fishing deadline at Bonneville Dam.  Read More

Fishing Report: One fish for four opportunities last Saturday, October 21,

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