Fishing Report: Salmon extension one day April 14, 2018

I was not out fishing today, during the one day extension given anglers on the Columbia River. I did have several friends fishing though, and did receive some reports.  Both of my friends that went each got one hatchery fish, in different boats, one was fishing Davis Bar area, and one up above Rooster Rock.  Both reported the fishing was very slow, seeing only a handful of fish caught.  I did stop by Gleason/Marine Drive boat ramp, at about 12:00 the lot was about 3/4 full.  At St. Johns/Cathederal Park, it was probably 7/8 full.  The fish checker at St. Johns had 3 fish for 17 boats, when I stopped by around 1:00 p.m.  A late report from one of my fishing friends reported that at Gleason the count was 28 fish for 60 boats.  The turbidity is still over 12 on the Willamette, although I did see a handful of boats fishing Portland Harbor.

Once the turbidity comes down, the Willamette should start to consistenly produce fish.  I hope everyone has a fun, safe and productive springer season!

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