Ollie Damon’s ★★★★★

Unique Business Opportunity: Ollie Damon’s Is For Sale.  I wish the owners, both present and future well, and hope the store continues to operate, serving the needs of outdoors person in the Northwest.

Ask any fisherman who owns lots of fishing rods and reels what they do when a reel freezes up or a rod guides breaks off, there is only one answer, “Go to Ollie Damon’s”. I have been to the store several times over the years, for both reel and rod repair. Recently, I took two Shimano Tekota 500’s and an Abu Garcia 6500 to them for repair. One of the Shimano’s and the 6500 were completely frozen up. I had used the reels for several seasons, including a lot of time in the ocean, so the fact they needed service was no surprise. Upon receiving the reels back, except for reel rash from lots of use, the reels performed as good as or better than new.

I also had one reel, manufacturer not mentioned, that the washer had gone bad in, they informed me the washer was sub par quality, and put in a new different washer. Problem solved, reel actually better than new.

For anyone who loves fishing and the outdoors, the store is like a reliable friend, always ready and able to assist with whatever one needs.


Gamakatsu Hooks ★★★★☆

Trailer Valet ★★★★★

Trailer Valet ★★★★★